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Pantone Predicts Wellness, Maximalism to Lead 2018 Home Décor Color Trends

Pantone’s forecast anticipates that wellness and maximalism will shake up home décor color trends next year.

Last Monday, the color authority held a discussion at the Home Textiles Sourcing Expo in New York, highlighting how these trends will influence the way consumers add color to their living spaces.

“Inspiration influences us, encourages us, lifts us up and moves us forward,” Pantone Color Institute VP Laurie Pressman said. “Being inspired results in creativity and discovery, all of which ultimately lead to a revelation.”

Core Color Trends

The quest for wellness comes indoors

In today’s digital age, consumers are finding ways to be healthier and disconnect from stressful experiences. In 2018, home décor colors will take on a more wellness-oriented approach, with nature and sustainability coming into the picture as well.

“Mindfulness continues to be the zeitgeist of the moment, as various consumers continue to seek out tranquility and silence,” Pressman said. “Lifestyle and interior decoration will answer the call for calm and serenity.”

Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, will lead most home décor color palettes for the season ahead. This zesty green-yellow shade reflects consumers’ ongoing desire to unplug, take better care of themselves and reconnect with the outdoors.

Restorative green shades, along with hints of pinks and off-whites, will be popular for home décor next year. Natural tones, including earthy browns, clay and flax will also come into focus, as more home furnishing products are produced from reused and recycled materials.

Maximalism adds energy to living spaces

Another important theme will be Maximalism. Echoing “Less is a bore,” this theme involves the experimentation of different colors in living spaces. While decluttering their homes, consumers will also continue to experiment with different palettes in 2018.

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According to Pantone, the key to maximalism is layering and using color to unify. For example, colors may overlap to form multiple patterns on room walls and furniture. Free-flowing paints and texture will elevate home interiors, invigorating visual interest moving forward.

While warm red tones will take centerstage, colors are also expected to blend vigorously and be featured in ombre-like tones on various home textiles and furnishings next year.

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2018 Home Décor Color Palettes

Pantone provided eight color palettes for next year, each channeling the core themes above, while acting as a starting point of inspiration for consumers’ living spaces.

Resourceful—Sustainability will remain core to consumers’ purchasing habits and home décor next year. Neutral earthy tones, including clay, black and vigorous oranges reflect the ongoing desire for reused and recycled tableware and other furnishings.

Playful—When it comes to home décor, consumers are always looking for surroundings that are confident and unique. Mustard shades make up this story, as well as joyful yellow and guacamole hues.

Discretion—Innovation continues to play up color for next year, and home furnishings will show more blended hues and harmonies, including strong blue and green tones.

Verdure—Reflecting consumers’ need for wellness, greens will take centerstage in this color story, while taking on more earthy and herbal tea-like tones.

Far-fetched—While consumers are experimenting with colors, global influences will remain key for home décor colors in 2018. Rose tones come forth and different shades of pink will intersect with earthy tones, including browns and greens. Warmth will remain critical as well for this color palette.

Intricacy—Maximalism will highly influence home interiors next year, as consumers desire more patterns and texture. Variations of grays, browns, neutrals and metallics will come together to add drama and depth to this color palette.

Intensity—Also channeling maximalism, home furnishing will continue to show experimental styling and mixing with plums, blues and greens, while heated reds and oranges continue to jazz up hues for the season ahead.

TECH-nique—The tech-infused future remains uncertain, but home décor colors are expected to take on a more futuristic look, with color and light intersecting in various hues and shades. Cosmic-like shades, including metallics and blacks, will influence home furnishings next year.