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Pantone’s S/S’18 Forecast Theme Embraces Nature’s Beauty

Pantone is going back to the great outdoors for inspiration and turning to Muse for its Spring/Summer’18 color forecast.

“Inspiration is the process of being emotionally stimulated to promote, experience or sense something that moves and influences,” said Lenzing Fibers director of business development Tricia Carey, who spoke on behalf of Pantone Color Institute creative director Tod Schulman at TexWorld USA.

Muse, Pantone’s Spring/Summer’ 18 forecast theme, highlights today’s highly-digitized world and how consumers are regaining their affinity for the environment in their homes and wardrobes.

“We continue to become increasingly tech dependent and as the speed of technology grows, so does our speed to process images and information,” Carey said.

While digital devices remain rampant in consumers’ lives, natural colors remain key for Spring/Summer 2018. Consumers not only are becoming more expressive in their own styles, but they are turning to other outlets of inspiration, including the outdoors, to heighten their lives. Today the consumer is in the driver’s seat, as democratic design and personalization are taking over shoppers’ wardrobes.

“In today’s world we no longer see colors as age appropriate or exclusive to younger generations,” Carey said. She added, “Consumers are using color as a way to disrupt.”

Green will be the artery color for Spring/Summer ’18. Following Pantone’s release of Greenery, 2017’s color of the year, green, also known as “nature’s neutral,” is gaining acceptance in all consumer markets. From the sophisticated dark shades to zesty hues, green is a color that will continue to dominate consumer’s wardrobes and lifestyles.

The “eco-chic” concept will go hand-in-hand with the Spring/Summer’18 Muse theme. Consumers, especially millennials, find it trendy to not only showcase nature-oriented hues in their living rooms or styles, but foster democratic design and personalization. With the belief that people should have access to sustainable apparel and take part in the design process, consumers are highly influencing 2018’s color focus.

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Pantone shared color stories for Spring/Summer 2018, including Enlightenment, Artistry and Uncharted. A pair of floating neutrals complimented by a whipped blue and icy glacier green encompass Enlightenment. This color story targets the desire to disconnect with the digital world and cull inspiration from the land and sea’s soft earthy appearance. Vibrant florals highlight the Artistry color theme, which spans geographic boundaries and demonstrates how nature is gender-neutral. Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, Uncharted bridges the gap between seasons. Retro-futuristic outdoor hues elevate consumers’ wardrobes from one year to the next.

As shown with Pantone’s Spring/Summer ’18 theme forecast, nature is here to stay. Greens, blues and neutrals will remain rampant in consumers’ wardrobes and lifestyles, as humanity strives for an environmentally-friendly and welcoming future.

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