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Patagonia Debuts Collection Focused on Raw Materials

Patagonia launched a capsule collection, Truth To Materials, containing key styles that explore new methods of manufacturing and contain reclaimed or alternatively sourced fabrics. With a focus on the purest form of materials, including minimally processed cashmere and wool, and less dyeing, the company said the collection represents a “deeper dive” into the progress it has already made with organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Materials include reclaimed wool from Calamai in Italy, reclaimed cotton from TAL Group in China and Malaysia, undyed cashmere from the Mongolian plateau region, and reclaimed down from Alabama Chanin in the U.S, which uses down from damaged and returned down jackets collected through Patagonia’s Common Threads Partnership recycling program to construct scarves.

Men’s styles consist of an undyed cashmere pullover, a reclaimed quilted cotton hoody and a reclaimed wool check jacket. Women’s styles include an undyed cashmere cardigan, a reclaimed cotton crew, a reclaimed wool parka and a limited edition reclaimed down scarf.

The Fall/Winter 2014 Truth to Materials collection is now available at Patagonia’s online store. Retail prices range from $99 for a scarf to $399 cashmere pullover.