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Pensar Designs 3D Printed Footwear

Pensar is reinventing bespoke footwear for the digital age with its DNA shoe concept. The Seattle-based product design and engineering group recently unveiled 3D printed footwear that is custom built to the contours of individuals’ feet and how they move.

The DNA shoe is 3D printed by Fathom, a 3D and additive manufacturing company, using PolyJet Technology on an Objet500 Connex3 printer. Printers powered by PolyJet technology create smooth surfaces with a broad range of properties, from rigid and flexible to transparent and opaque. The DNA shoe is comprised of VeroClear and VeroYellow, both transparent materials that offer stability, and TangoBlack and TangoBlack+, two rubber-like, tear resistant materials with tensile strength.

Pensar’s concept combines analysis acquired through a sensor shoe that tracks details on the wearer’s test run, and user behavior–such as the type of fitness activities that shoes will be worn for–with rapid prototyping that suits mass market needs. Within hours, the consumer can have a running shoe tailored for their feet.