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Polartec to Help Houdini Sportswear Launch Stateside

Houdini Sportswear, a performance apparel brand out of Sweden, is taking a stab at the North American market with the help of textile provider Polartec.

Houdini’s product line, which spans underwear and base layers to insulation and shells, is built around the philosophy of “wearable multitools” that emphasize style and sustainability. More than 65 percent of its styles have a circular lifecycle and most of its fabrics and technologies are Bluesign approved.

“We aim to have the best performing, best looking garments with the least amount of negative impact to the environment,” Houdini’s chief executive officer, Eva Karlsson, said in a statement Wednesday, adding, “Polartec is the perfect partner to help us achieve these goals. The company’s innovative textiles help make our products comfortable, stylish and—best of all—satisfy the durability requirements of our active customers.”

The 22-year-old brand is best known for its classic Power Houdi jacket that’s made with Polartec’s Power Stretch Pro, a four-way stretch fleece engineered to push the performance of base layers. The Lawrence, Massachusetts-based fabric maker reinforces the elastic fibers on the exterior surface to provide more support and stability during movement, while the jacket’s unique construction allows for increased resistance and durability against the elements without sacrificing breathability or comfort.

“Highly technical, durable textiles are not easy to create and it’s just all in a day’s work for our engineers and R&D specialists,” said Doug Kelliher, Polartec’s vice president of product management. “We are strategic partners with our brands as we help them differentiate their garments in crowded markets through fabric innovation.”