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Pro-Artisan: Three US Mills Known For Hand-Made Fabrics

The art of doing things by hand has been lost in the smog of mass production in years gone by. From farming to dying, weaving to embroidery, the following U.S.-based textile firms are protectors of ancient methods and personalized production.

Nomadic Thread Society

Nomadic Thread Society is the brainchild of stylist Nicole Gulotta. Embodying the adage of “adventure chic,” Gulotta’s global travels through Capri, Tulum, Vieques and Montauk lead her to realize the beauty of textiles abroad and the cultural resonance these ethnic prints had with most people, no matter who they were.

Nomadic Thread Society provides an assortment of vibrant wearables and unique pieces for the home, marrying savvy style with ancient craft. Hand-made textiles are sourced from artisans around the world, designed with partners in ancient nations such as India, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Colombia.

The line is all about bohemianism, freedom and culturally enriched fabrics, creating a exotic-feel in doors for those times of prolific wanderlust.

Available on Le Souk, Nomadic’s cottons are hand-loomed for a canvas-like weight and feel – perfect for bed covers, sofa throws, chic beach blankets, wall hangings and table cloths. The pebble Ikat print in fiery orange, red and white is more a summery print, while the black Ikat is a touch more chic and wintry.

Lost City


Lost City is an American design house passionate about creating textiles from “vanishing” or endangered crafts. Lost City products combine an urban luxe aesthetic with artisanship tapped from India, upholding environmentally friendly production and ethical business practices.

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Intent on making beautifully embroidered textiles, all stages of production are authentic: from the hand-dyed yarns, to the needle-pricking done by hand, to the pierced designs printed onto fabric using indigo dye. But embroidery is the key component, involving groups of artists sitting around a frame, each designated to a section of the design – a hooked needle in hand.

The firm’s clients include Ralph Lauren Home, Robert Couturier, Ross Landers Interiors, The Iron Bed and Tim Clark, which has seen the New York-based firm establish a preservation of tradition, whilst advancing as a leading fabric business.

Available on Le Souk, the Queen floral embroidery is rich royal reds and green. Composed of 60 percent cotton, 35 percent silk and 5 percent rayon, it’s a luxury cloth for upholstery and statement cushions. The pure silk Rhogan is a more contemporary design for drapes and homewares. In charcoal grey and beige macro-spots, it’s perfect for a manspace.

Southern Hues


Southern Hues creates beautiful fabrics using farm-grown color, extracting natural plant and earth based-dyes to brighten and pattern fabrics. The firm taps local species such as black walnuts, wood from the osage orange tree and numerous flowers such as Indigofera for indigo and madder for red hues.

The mission of the Whites Creek, Tennessee-based firm is to increase the sustainability and resilience of agricultural systems in the Southeastern region of the US; helping women and developing farmers diversify into natural dye crops.

All the fabrics are sourced domestically and hand-dyed onsite at the farm. Southern Hues promotes a diverse and ecologically sustainable agricultural landscape and supports organic farming.

A range of organically-produced fabrics are available on Le Souk. The hemp and silk diamond jacquard cloth comes in grey or indigo and is one of Southern Hue’s most unique fabrics. The jacquard features intricate patterns woven throughout the entirety of the fabric, using a repeating interlocking to create a visible texture by raising the warp thread during the weaving process.


—By Benjamin Fitzgerald


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