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Promostyl Suggests Four Themes for Intimate Apparel in SS17

Kiss goodbye to boring black or beige underthings and say hello to something a little more stimulating. In response to, or perhaps in spite of, all the lingerie-inspired dresses and tops starting to appear in stores, the intimate apparel industry looks set to embrace a livelier color palette come Spring/Summer 2017.

Speaking Tuesday at CurveNY at the Javits Convention Center in New York, Maria Teresa Sampedro, a trend director for Parisian forecaster PromoStyl, said that nature-infused hues of yellow and green will be critical to collections next year, cropping up on underwear and loungewear alike.

“We were talking about the idea of the apocalypse taking over the world two years ago and then last season we were saying, okay, now that the world has ended, let’s build a new world that’s hopefully better in the sense that people are more eco-friendly and there’s more social justice, so it’s sort of a utopian world,” Sampedro said. “And then for this season, we’re looking at which kinds of humans or types of people would live in this world. So a very calm person, a very eco-friendly person, very eco-conscious, and the sort of environment that this person will surround themselves in is a type of farmland, so you’ll see that in the colors.”

To that end, here are the four themes that Promostyl is suggesting intimate apparel designers pay attention to.


Morocco carpet
“Every season we come up with the general trends and then we’ll segment them by market, so the trend, once it gets to the lingerie market, gets tweaked a whole lot,” Sampedro explained, noting that the Moroccon flair seen in this theme is specific to intimates.

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Colors: Peach-tinted nudes, terracotta, indigo blue, aqua, lilac, jasmine, pink, white
Material: a geometric jacquard
Design details: any kind of twisting or knotting that looks like it’s tied in an uneven manner; pure lines and angular cuts for loungewear