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Tencel Set to Green the Oscars Red Carpet Again

Following the success of their 2020 partnership, Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) and the Tencel brand from Lenzing have extended their collaboration for a second year for the 93rd Academy Awards.

As a part of the collaboration, RCGD x Tencel launched a range of eco-couture materials made from Tencel branded fibers and fabrics that are currently being adapted into bespoke looks for a number of this year’s Oscars nominees and physical red carpet guests.

Paying homage to RCGD’s roots as a design contest, the looks and the talent wearing these designs are to be unveiled the night of the Oscars on Sunday, April 25. For the first time in its history, the Oscars is to be hosted across multiple sites in the USA and Europe.

In what has been an unusual year for many, Red Carpet Green Dress is working to honor its commitment in creating design solutions that work from moment to movement on the red carpet. Last year at the Oscars, RCGD x Tencel partnered with Louis Vuitton and created a sustainable custom-made gown for Léa Seydoux, an actress who starred in the James Bond film “Spectre,” to wear in attendance to the 92nd Academy Awards as an ambassador for RCGD.

This year’s designs will include Tencel branded lyocell fibers, modal fibers and filament yarn that are of 100 percent botanic origin. Derived from renewable wood sources, the fibers and filament yarn are produced using eco-responsible production processes.

Fabrics made of Tencel Modal and Lyocell fibers are also gentle on skin with smooth, long-lasting softness, breathability, color vibrancy and color retention features. Tencel Luxe filament yarn gives fabrics a sensual appeal, a quality that can be attractive for eco couture and luxury fashion. All Tencel fibers are certified biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions.

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Drawing attention to the importance of more sustainable practices in fashion and being part of bringing those solutions to the global market, Red Carpet Green Dress was conceived in response to a lack of ethical choices on the red carpet. Founded by environmental advocate Suzy Amis Cameron, the organization has been committed to creating positive change for over a decade. The Tencel brand shares a similar vision and aspires to lead the pursuit of eco-friendly solutions for textiles, garments and fashion.

“This year, with the expansion of our collaboration to include Tencel branded Modal and Lyocell fibers, and Tencel Luxe filament yarn, we are providing designers and brands with a bigger canvas that caters to greater creativity in fabric style, touch and feel,” Harold Weghorst, global vice president of marketing and branding at Lenzing Group, said.

“While our fibers and filament yarn are derived from wood harvested from certified and controlled sources and are some of the most sustainable materials used in fashion, we are not stopping there. At Tencel, we are on a journey to True Carbon Zero, with a vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and contribute to a carbon neutral fashion industry,” Weghorst added. “We hope that our collaboration will encourage more designers and brands to look out for materials that do not only expand the frontiers of aesthetic appeal, but also make a difference to our planet.”

At the same time, Lenzing is introducing an E-branding service for certification and licensing service for its Veocel nonwovens brand in a move to elevate supply chain transparency for nonwoven fibers. The Lenzing E-Branding Service provides the Veocel brand’s expanding network of partners with a platform designed to increase the value of products by showcasing the use of sustainable, high-quality and ethically sourced materials.

Designed from the ground up to make the Veocel certification process simple, the Lenzing E-Branding Service creates allows brand partners, producers and retailers from hygiene, beauty and home care products, to certify their use of Veocel branded fibers and develop co-branding campaigns that improve the value of their products.

The platform includes features to apply for new licenses, monitor application status and manage existing licenses. It will also act as a support portal, showcasing the latest branding guidelines and support for Veocel brand certified products.

“The expansion showcases Lenzing’s unwavering commitment to sustainability for nonwoven applications, accelerates the digitalization of the industry and sets new standards for driving greater transparency,” said Jürgen Eizinger, vice president of Global Nonwovens Business for Lenzing.