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New Report Highlights Prospects for Outdoor Performance Apparel

Research and Markets announced last week that it has added “Outdoor Performance Apparel: Peaks, Valleys, and Green Fields” report to its offering. The report studies the current standings and future prospects of the outdoor industry by recognizing leading brands and retailers and the most promising markets for future growth.

It begins by quoting Mike Lipkin, president of Lipkin/Environics, who said, “Outdoor is a metaphor for freedom, adventure, adrenalin, extraversion, creativity, dynamism, and personal power.” Consumers are purchasing and wearing outdoor apparel at record levels, the report explains, many of whom are increasingly urban and new to the outdoors.

The report continues to examine innovative marketing concepts and efforts of industry brands and retailers to create more diversity, as well as highlight the opinions of industry stakeholders. It additionally demonstrates how the outdoor apparel market will continuously overlap active and lifestyle apparel.

Greg Thomsen, managing director of Adidas Outdoor USA, contributed to the report saying, “Brands constantly need to enhance the way they position themselves online so they are user friendly, engaging and resonating with target consumers. The entire mobile experience from start to finish must be efficient enough to keep consumer’s attention, but appealing enough to establish brand loyalty.”

The report consists of a clear explanation of the varying categories of outdoor apparel, an overview of market performances worldwide that highlight growth trends, financial summaries of the top 40 leading outdoor retailers and the top 70 leading outdoor brands worldwide, and the latest materials, technologies and ingredients trends.

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Information is also included on wearable technology in the outdoor garment sector, an assessment of future growth consumer segments, predictions for the future of the outdoor apparel category and interviews with big name brands.

Aaron Carpenter, global vice president of marketing for The North Face, added sentiment to the report saying, “Our customers see what our athletes are able to do. The athletes’ stories also inspire ordinary people by relating to their moments of exploring the outdoors, and the joy it gives.”

The report concludes with the future outlook of the outdoor industry, explaining that it faces a future filler with new distribution and sales channels, technologies, and consumers new to the outdoors. While changing sourcing patterns, shipping costs, congestion, and compliance issues will make business difficult, the global market for outdoor apparel is growing and new concepts are drawing attention from a wider demographic.