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SS 18 Textile Trends Turn to Color and Vibrance Amid Uncertainty

Just as art mimics life, textile trends do too. And for the coming season, trends in apparel and fabric will be all about countering the uncertain times the world is facing.

Presenting a trend story aptly named, “Opportunity” at Texworld USA Monday, Texworld art directors Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, highlighted what’s upcoming for Spring/Summer 2018.

“We think perhaps it’s the beginning of the Third World War. We don’t know what’s going to happen,” Gérin said, nodding to current political shifts and global concerns. “But instead of thinking it’s the end of the world, we have to take this opportunity to create a new world. To create a new era.”

For Spring/Summer ’18, textile trends will look to embrace the freedom and possibility in the face of rules and hierarchy, creating looks that shake up what’s been seen in the past.

Intense Saturation

People are overstimulated and oversaturated with access to anything at the touch of a button, and textile colors will follow suit.

“It’s a kind of hyper saturation,” Gérin said, adding that the idea is to help consumers find vibrance against dark ideals.

Colors: colors here are vivid, with mystical purples, fiery oranges, saturated greens and a vibrant golden yellow.

Patterns: concealed cuts, artificial reflections, velvety lines, colored tentacles, shredding, explosive patchwork, polygonal mess, pointillism and giant patterns

Fabrics: colored lace, sheer crinkled fabric, woven stripes with a handloom look, plush, felt, transparent

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Roughly Framed

Just as people are overstimulated, too much excess has made for waste and now the world is in want of something to do with it. The idea here, is that people can reframe the cards they’re dealt and look at it as something beautiful.

“That’s new value that we observe as new aesthetic value,” Gérin said.

Colors: colors here are cooler, with blues ranging from midnight to slate, purple abyss, a rosy skin tone and an ash grey.

Patterns: crackling, minerals, rough simplification, spectral appearance, damaged texture, window pane, muddled borders

Fabrics: coated nylon, deep velvet, meshing, hammered effects, wire netting

Serene Vibrancy

For serenity to meet vibrancy, it means people will at once feel calmed and warm, relaxed but strong. This textile story is about reassurance and finding a new way to accept things.

“Perhaps opening our eyes is just closing them and listening to what’s happening around us,” Gérin said.

Colors: colors here are earthy, with sea-hued greens, soft yellows, a sandy taupe and an ash grey brown.

Patterns: aquatic elements, coral imitation, membranes, gel bubbles, parallel oscillations

Fabrics: burnout effects with velvet overlay, two-color marled stripe, plush that looks more luxurious, iridescent gauze

Iconic Conversion

Now, it’s no longer artists that are being worshipped, but the process. In this theme, creation becomes an end itself.

“Reality is the new god. That which one can feel, taste and touch. Our senses dictate our devotions,” Gérin said. “It’s like the colors that are burning inside us.”

Colors: colors here again are fiery and warm, with oranges dubbed Roused Flame and Flash Flash, coral and rosy nude, cool green and Sexy Chocoloate brown to round out the palette.

Patterns: contemporary patchwork, electric tentacle, luxurious nature, glossy expression, peripheral decoration, aggravated difference

Fabrics: metallic floral pattern, lace that feels plush