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Stella McCartney Cuts Ties With Wool Supplier After PETA Video Exposes Cruelty

British fashion designer and lifelong vegetarian Stella McCartney announced Thursday that her eponymous brand would cease sourcing wool from Argentina-based supplier Ovis 21 after an undercover PETA video exposed violent shearing methods.

“After conducting our own investigation in Argentina, following a very distressful viewing of footage provided by the great guys at PETA, we found that one out of the 26 ranches we used to source sustainable wool there mistreated its sheep. It is one too many,” the designer said in a post on her Facebook page.

PETA’s video allegedly shows workers kneeling on struggling lambs as they cut through their necks, causing them to bleed and vomit, conducting castrations without any painkillers and stomping on sheep’s legs as they sheared them.

McCartney, who does not use any leather, fur or animal skins in her designs, has partnered with Ovis 21—a network of more than 160 farmers in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile—to sustainably source wool from animals that lightly graze the Patagonian farmlands since 2014.

She said she was “devastated by the news, but more determined than ever to fight for animal rights in fashion.” She added, “We are also looking into vegan ‘wool’ as well, in the same manner we were able to develop and incorporate high-end alternatives to leather and fur over the years.”