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Strafe Adds eVent’s Direct Technology to Its Arsenal

Skiwear manufacture Strafe is upgrading its Fall/Winter ’15 outwear with the help of eVent textiles. The Aspen, Colo.-based outwear brand, known for drawing design inspiration from the free skiing lifestyle, is incorporating eVent’s waterproof Direct Venting technology to its popular Nomad jacket and pants, as well as its one-piece Sickbird Suit.

Direct Venting technology was developed to enhance the comfort of weatherproof apparel and footwear. It uses the waterproof, air permeable membrane that is unique to eVent, which allows body heat and moisture to pass through the fabrics in one step.

Global Product Manager for eVent fabrics, Chad Kelly, said, “Hard and fast skiing creates sweat. Vent waterproof fabric technology allows body heat to leave the jacket in vapor form. So moisture condensation inside is minimized because it is constantly passing through the fabric. This technology keeps you comfortable.”

John Gaston, co-owner and founder of Strafe, said other fabrics just weren’t cutting it. He added, “As we pushed ourselves harder and harder each season, traditional membranes just couldn’t keep up and moisture build-up inside the jacket ends up being the limiting comfort factor, especially if you are climbing to earn your turns all day long.”