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Talon Testing Tekfit Stretch Technology in Athleisure

Central to the Tekfit technology is not just providing stretch, but also recovery, which Talon CEO Larry Dyne has said helps prevent clothing from puckering, making it ideal for use in athletic and athleisure wear.

“Generally speaking, the inside taping you find in shirts and athletic pants, after a while they tend to pucker because the tapes are made of a different fabric that shrinks at a very different rate to the fabric,” Dyne recently told reporters. “Our focus is to be able to deliver a tape and other components with the same technology, to take a really good product that’s out there and make it a better product.”

Dyne said Talon is currently testing with a number of athletic and athleisure brands, “The athleisure market is a real hotspot right now. It’s becoming everyday wear, not just for the purpose of working out or running. With the sector being as hot as it is, we’ve put a lot of energy into some products that can really be tailored to this market, such as different types of tapings that we can incorporate our Tekfit technology into.”

Talon is also looking to bring Tekfit into denim. The company worked on a concept with Uniqlo to offer slimming jeans for women which was so successful that the retailer has committed to a second season.

Founded in the 1980s, the California-based company has developed three areas of expertise: fasteners, trimmings and Tekfit. Going forward, Dyne said he wants to “cross-pollinate” these ideas to create products unique to the market.

He added, “We have the ability to share a lot of information across our various divisions, so we’re looking at taking some of the Tekfit technology into the zipper industry, which would be completely game-changing. The zipper industry hasn’t seen any innovation for 50 or 60 years. The product has been pretty stagnant. One of the really great advantages that Talon brings is that we can cross-sell almost any three of our products to an existing client. Most of our clients have an interest for Tekfit, they have an interest for trims and they have an interest for zippers. So that’s a very unique offering that Talon brings.”