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Teijin Creates Functional Nylon Fabrics For Booming Athleisure Business

Teijin is establishing its presence in today’s heightened athleisure market.

The Japanese chemical company on Thursday said it developed nylon-based materials and related textiles using its polyester production technologies. The new products will possess properties similar to highly functional polyester products, while retaining the characteristics of nylon fiber produced by Chain Yarn Corporation in Taiwan: lightweight, moisture management, opacity and softness.

One of the new fibers, DeltaPeak, is designed for sports, outdoor and casual wear. It’s lightweight, soft, opaque, stretchy, snag resistant and has a dense flat-knit surface. The new knitted nylon and its related textile fabrics are also highly durable.

Waveron, on the other hand, is suitable for use in yoga apparel and compression garments. It features a cross-sectional shape with four flat peaks that promote anti-transparency, quick-drying and moisture management. This new nylon fiber is also soft, hygroscopic effective, wear resistant and offers cooling abilities.

Teijin will release DeltaPeak and Waveron in outdoor and sportswear applications for its Spring/Summer 2017 collections. The company will also offer additional applications for casual wear, dress and industrial materials. Teijin’s annual sales are projected to rise to 10 million meters in three years.

Athleisure apparel calls for soft and fashionable outfits that aren’t heavy and dry quickly. Teijin plans to keep creating advanced athleisure materials with highly functional polyester products to satisfy customers’ unique lifestyles.