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Textile Trends for Spring/Summer ’19 Will Counter Global Tensions

Textiles and apparel, it seems, have had enough of the world’s stress, and trends for the coming Spring/Summer 2019 season will look to channel peacefulness in color, pattern and silhouette.

Presenting Trend Council’s vision for what’s to come in 2019, founder and creative director Nicole Rodill, outlined four key trend stories for womenswear at Texworld USA Tuesday.


Here, as Rodill explained, “We’re really looking at a push toward natural and environment in this trend, so textures are going to reflect that.”

White will be the main basis for the palette, with accents like sky, magnolia, pale spring greens and pale pink rounding it out.

Materials will come adorned in flora and fauna, lace patterns will be drawn from vintage iterations and punched leather will be apparent. Patterns will be white based and softer, with watercolor, vintage wallpaper and X-rays as inspiration.

“Denim is a key component for us,” Rodill said, adding that bleached denim and bold white denim will be key, and styles with screen printing and appliqué details will make an appearance.

Neo Geisha

For this trend, the traditional 1920s will meet the Japanese geisha for a renewed result as we head into the 2020’s.

Colors will channel those commonly used in vintage kimonos, like flag red, though the palette will still be fixed in white.

Materials for the story are soft and delicate, featuring beadwork and patchwork, fishnet will come layered over patterns and contrast piping will be key. Art Nouveau wallpaper patterns and vintage wallpaper will inspire prints.

Denim will take its cues from traditional Japanese indigo.

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“Silhouettes will really touch on those Japanese techniques,” Rodill explained. The waist sash will play a steady role, as will kimono-inspired looks.


Of the four stories, Rodill said Purist is the one that’s “really paying attention to social and environmental unrest.” The trend will be all about being effortless and relaxed, and hits on escapism.

“It’s about something calming and soothing and trying to wrap yourself in that,” Rodill explained. “We go from clothes that we’re using as armor to a season where we’re feeling a little bit more effortless and soft and free.”

The color palette will be tranquil and organic with pure white, sky blue and lilac, giving a spa-like feel, plus a bit of iridescence. Patterns will channel minimalism and watercolors will also make an appearance. Cool surface fabrics using fibers like Tencel will stand away from the body, and Buddhist monks will serve as inspiration for what’s supposed to be “a global representation of relaxed and calm.”

Materials will be “untainted in their raw state,” with natural cottons and linens.

Denim will be soft, weathered and washed out, and in some cases, heavily bleached. “It’s really about feeling like it’s worn in and just your comfortable pair of jeans,” Rodill said.

Silent Movie

The 1920s makes another appearance in the Silent Movie trend story, as that decade and the 2020s won’t be without similarities.

“There’s a lot of comparison if you look at what was happening then and what’s happening now,” Rodill said, giving the women’s rights movement as just one example.

Fashion in the 1920s was flapper with some Asian influences, and the coming SS19 season will see some of that too.

The color palette will include sepia and softer colors that are less saturated.

Materials will reflect fine China silk and georgette, flapper fringe, lace insets and hand embroidery. Patterns will also be desaturated and give a nod to Art Deco and Chrysler Building geometrics.

Denim will mimic the era’s expression of tapestry prints, and washes will be made to look vintage and worn, and beadwork accents will make an appearance.

“We are looking at a moment when people are looking for handmade,” Rodill said. The trend will be opulent without being overdone. “It’s beyond Great Gatsby, it’s a little bit more refined.”