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Textiles Back to Textiles Project Promotes Sustainability At Berlin Fashion Week

A new generation of Swedish textiles combined technology, production and recycling at Berlin Fashion Week.

German designer and Design For Circularity founder Ina Budde with the support of the Textiles Back to Textiles project, debuted a recyclable collection at Berlin Fashion Week on June 28. The collection, titled “Curated Circularity—Designed for Infinity” was developed for German sustainable brand Jan’n June.

Re:newcell, a company at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Greenhouse Labs, developed the recycling cotton technique. With this innovation, Sweden now has the opportunity to participate in today’s growing sustainable textile market. Textiles Back to Textiles develops prototypes that match the textile industry’s demands of environmentally-friendly (and functional) textiles.

Budde’s collection is a reflection of these greater sustainable initiatives. Berlin is a hub for circular economy In fashion. She showcased her collection at The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin to demonstrate that textile recycling is possible for fashion’s future.

“The chemical recycling of cellulosic fibres has a key relevance for a circular textile industry because it brings cotton recycling to the next quality level,” Budde said in a statement. “It is an honor that I can present this future leading solution to the public and bring it to life by integrating it into my circular collection.”

Budde also explained how designers have a responsibility for a product’s life cycle and how fashion with be the catalyst towards a more sustainable art form, culture and industry.

“The collection is more than the look, it is more than the fabrics – the collection stands for a paradigm shift towards a circular future,” she said. “Sustainability is not restrictive, for me it is rather a driver for innovation to explore recyclable monomaterial design techniques and patterns for multi-functionality.”