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Texworld USA: Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Home Trends Run Rich with Color

Coming off of a year when butterfly motifs fluttered across rooms,70s-inspired macramé swathed walls, and Radiant Orchid, the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, illuminated products from floor to ceiling, vice president of Pantone Color Institute Laurie Pressman said Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 will be yet another vibrant and creative season of color aimed to capture the interest of increasingly color-confident consumers.

During a seminar at Texworld USA Tuesday titled, “Engaging with color in Autumn/Winter 2015-2016,” Pressman said, “Consumers are encouraged to use their own artistic license and to be themselves. And as their taste continuously changes, color trends need to be flexible,” she added.

Pantone View Home and Interior color stories for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 are poised to offer variety and plenty of customizable opportunities to “make it your own.” And while there will be plenty of newness to incite sales and spark consumer interest, Pressman noted that some familiar favorites, including home décor’s panache for nostalgia, nature and whimsy, will be on full display.

Style Settings

Inspired by the androgynous looks that ruled the world of high fashion in 2014, these pairings of delicate orchid and deep violet are juxtaposed with rich shades of polished mahogany and sophisticated steel gray. Taupe and off-white bring light to the dramatic look, while a pop of champagne beige adds a hint of shimmer and glam.


Deep red, soft apricot, warm hazelnut and vineyard green might come from separate places, but together they can make an artistic statement. Expect to see blue, from rich shades of ocean and stonewash, to calm and bring order to this eclectic and graphic color grouping, as well as in many of the other stories for the season.

Related Stories


In this nature-inspired story, flourishes of shading add depth and interest to succulent shades of moss green, orchid and grape for a hyper-realistic look. And despite the numerous colors with gray undertones found in this story, golden mustard and creamy café-inspired takes on tan add opulent warmth.


Like a pop of bubble gum, this exuberant assortment of purple, jade, marigold, Kelly green and cantaloupe is set to burst onto the season–and incite impulse buys. Sun-kissed coral is a major component to the cheerful look, and will continue to be relevant throughout numerous Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 color stories.


This color story explores the meditative quality of blue and green, which are blended for a dreamy, galaxy-liked effect. Look for unexpected pops of red and mossy gray for contrast, while sparkling gold and metallic silver are new neutrals that feed into the theme’s Space Age vibe.

Urban Jungle

A touch of downtown coolness invigorates this rustic foundation of golden yellow, orange rust and warm brown. Teal and blue green deliver smoothness to this natural block of color, while combinations of black and white, be it as animal prints or solids, make a graphic statement.

Tinted Melody

Sherbet shades of apricot, peach, light pink and pale yellow create a warm and comforting glow–a dialed down interpretation of last season’s brights. The soft colors are toned down even further with bases of beige. Gray-ish taupe adds a touch of modernity and urban coolness to the feminine colors.

Past Traces

This color collection picks up where home décor’s 2014 trend for antique bicycles and old-fashioned mustache motifs left off. Look for dusty rose, soft green and taupe to keep the vintage look alive, while brighter shades of cedar green, marine blue and blush pink breathe new life to the feminine theme.


Here, scarlet red lives peacefully next to magenta, lilac and chartreuse. It’s a shocking family of colors that captures the fun and exciting world home décor can become when imagination is unleashed. And in another unexpected design twist, look for orange, golden yellow and light blue to provide balance in whimsical theme.