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The Week in Denim: What the Cool Kids Want: Ironic, Offbeat, Throwback Denim

Real Tennessee denim: Nashville’s love affair with music and jeans


Fast (fashion) forward a few decades and America’s denim hegemony may have faded, but it remained intact, like a pair of comfy Wranglers. (Read More)

What the cool kids want: Ironic, offbeat, throwback denim


There’s a fine line between cool and trendy. Vice, a demographic Bluezone describes as free-spirited, fearless, party-loving consumers, sets those boundaries with cheesy-meets-cool denim fashion inspired by skate culture and throwback silhouettes from the ’80s. (Read More)

Liverpool elevates denim styling and prices for Spring ’18


Denim and sportswear label, Liverpool, announced the launch of a new denim capsule collection as part of its upcoming Spring ’18 line. (Read More)

20 minutes with NYDJ CEO Lisa Collier


NYDJ is pulling out all the stops to give women the perfect fitting pair of jeans. (Read More)

Trendsetting consumers want denim to push boundaries


Experimental fits and conceptual pattern-making resonate with “Vogue,” a consumer demographic described by Bluezone as “trendsetters and early adopters” of new fashion. (Read More)

AYR launches extended size denim for Fall ’17


AYR launches extended size denim for Fall ’17. The new jean called “One Love Jean” is offered in sizes 14-22 and is available now for $195 at and Nordstrom. (Read More)