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The Week in Denim: Hilfiger Denim Renamed Tommy Jeans, Again

Levi’s new campaign inspires body positivity in India

Photo credit: Levi’s India

Levi’s India continues the #IShapeMyWorld campaign this fall, highlighting the stories of top-notch women with a number of body types in Levi’s 300 Shaping Series jeans in India. (Read More)

Tencel Fibers captures 25 years in denim on film


From modest beginnings 25 years ago, the importance of Tencel fibers in the apparel market has steadily grown such that today denim makers and designers turned to it to create garments for the weekend, the workplace, and the runway. (Read More)

Hilfiger Denim renamed Tommy Jeans, again


The flag is back. Tommy Hilfiger announced Thursday that the company is rebranding Hilfiger Denim to Tommy Jeans in a bid to appeal to nostalgia-loving Millennials and Gen Z. (Read More)

The New York brand turning denim into wearable art


From YSL’s Mondrian collection in 1965, to Louis Vuitton’s recent collaboration with Jeff Koons, fashion and art have an ongoing flirtation that captures the attention (and dollars) of consumers from both sides of the aisle. (Read More)

Cone launches fade-resistant black denim with Lenzing and Repreve


At Kingpins Amsterdam, Cone Denim, Lenzing and Unifi launched Future Black+ denim featuring Lenzing Modal branded fibers and Repreve Black recycled fibers made out of plastic bottles. (Read More)

G-Star Raw’s relaxed women’s collection for Spring ’18


Premium denim brand G-Star Raw delves deep into light blue hues for its women’s Spring/Summer ’18 collection. (Read More)

Calvin Klein releases provocative first-time coffee table tome


The 74-year-old style icon has teamed up with Rizzoli International Publications to release his first-ever coffee table tome, a 480-page catalog of some of the most unforgettable advertising campaigns of the ’80s and ’90s, written and compiled by Klein himself. (Read More)