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The Week in Denim: “Too Dirty to Wear Campaign” Calls on Levi’s to Increase Climate Commitments

Bluer Denim pursues domestic premium roots


Premium jeans, a reduced environmental impact and corporate responsibility are at the helm of Bluer Denim’s Made in USA foundation. (Read More)

“Too Dirty to Wear” campaign calls on Levi’s to increase climate commitments


Environmental group’s “Too Dirty to Wear” campaign has called out Levi Strauss & Co. to step up its efforts to reduce pollution and increase the use of renewable energy across its entire supply chain. (Read More)

Freenote goes West for its U.S. denim collection


America’s rugged West and craftsmanship come together in Freenote. Founded in 2013 by brothers Andrew and Matt Brodrick, the California-based menswear label is known for premium denim garments that resonate with the state’s past rancho era. (Read More)

Vintage Rebound: Why is vintage denim bigger than ever?


Vintage and deadstock are not just for denim diehards anymore. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are turning to vintage denim to satisfy their wants for nostalgic, sustainable, one-of-a-kind fashion with a story—and the experience that comes with hunting for blue gold. (Read More)

Tencel fibers in the beginning


A look back in time with some of the designers who first recognized the fashion potential of a fiber ahead of its time and who early on embraced one of its key qualities: sustainability. (Read More)

The Look: Custom Creations


From in-store customization events at Madewell and Gap, to the birth of up-and-coming brands that upcycle unwanted denim, custom denim gets noticed. The trend feeds into Millennials’ desire for one-of-a-kind fashion, while allowing independent designers to break into fashion. (Read More)