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Thermore Unveils EVOdown for Active Sportwear and Outdoor Market

Thermore, an Italian thermal insulation company, is releasing a new development in its version of EVOdown to the active sportswear and outdoor market.

The company showcased the product at outdoor apparel trade show, ISPO, in Munich, Germany, quickly to be billed as an alternative to traditional duck and goose down without the various limitations of machine washing and fiber clumping.

Thermore’s EVOdown was ultimately inspired by the soft hands of the highest quality down feathers, while the company says it is different than any other product on the market. Being the most advanced product to date, the new technology offers even better recovery and loft retention.

EVOdown has two encapsulating layers in order to stabilize the free fibers in the middle, making it a “rolled free-fiber composite.” Thermore’s research and development team has advanced the performance EVOdown further for its global introductions at tradeshows including ISPO in Munich and Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The company said in its report, “EVOdown offers virtually the same volume and softness as the best natural down, and since it is supplied in a traditional roll form, it can be used in the most cost competitive manner. And like every other product in the Thermore range, these savings along with consistence of availability and the security of being hypoallergenic come as part of the guaranteed service that Thermore offers all customers today.”

EVOdown is offered in three weights to suit a range of designs from ultra light jackets to high puff parkas. For best results, quilting with test approved down-proof, ultra-light fabrics (less than 30g), in a pattern of 5cm or smaller for the 80g and 115g models, and 10cm or smaller for the 170g weight is recommended.

Thermore has been is business more than 40 years and has operations in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, with production facilities in Thailand and offices in Hong Kong. Thermore uses only first grade raw materials in its efforts to keep a cleaner environment.