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This Custom Shirt Company Hit its Kickstarter Goal in Less than 16 Hours

A made-to-measure men’s shirt company that claims to make customizable luxury accessible to the masses has more than one month left to raise funds on Kickstarter, but it’s already surpassed its goal of $20,000—by more than double.

Manstery, a New York-based start-up that uses a patent-pending system that allows customers to take their own measurements at home, generated more than $40,000 on the crowdfunding website in less than 16 hours. The campaign will end on Jan. 25.

According to Manstery’s Kickstarter pitch, less than 8 percent of a $500-plus luxury shirt goes to material and labor costs, whereas prices for its collection will retail for a third of the market price.

What sets it apart from other inexpensive custom shirt companies is its technology, which offers customers “a guaranteed accuracy of within one quarter of an inch in seconds with virtually no possibility of errors.”

Once someone downloads the app and creates an account, he completes a personal profile and chooses whatever design and features he fancies. Once the order has been placed, he then receives an adjustable “fitting jacket” to help customize the collar and cuff size, body measurements, shoulders, arms and sleeve length. After that, the customer gets “selfie-measured” by taking a series of selfies using the app which will then be sent to a central system that will break down the data and images into accurate sizing.

“True made-to-measure clothing starts with precise body measurements. Each piece is individually cut for a perfect fit and carefully assembled with the highest standards. Traditionally, a customer looking for this kind of product must have a first-class tailor, pay a premium price and wait weeks for the final product,” said Graziano Meloni, founder and chief executive officer. “At Manstery, we set out to give everyone access to a personal tailor by offering luxury products at a more affordable price and faster delivery time.”

The collection comprises 15 shirt designs, handcrafted in Italy using extra-fine Italian cottons and Australian mother-of-pearl buttons and featuring 30 stitches-per-inch seams. Shirt bodies, meanwhile, are constructed with high armholes and shoulder seams (allowing more freedom for arm movement) and sleeve plackets are reinforced with hand-stitched red silk embroidery.

As of Dec. 15, the campaign had 58 backers who ordered a total of 200-plus shirts retailing from $158. They’re expected to ship in February.