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Tommy John Tackles Sub-Par Undershirts

Tommy John is tackling an issue men struggle with every day.

The premium men’s underwear company on Tuesday debuted “Undershirt Undoing,” an integrated campaign which highlights the problems men face with traditional, ill-fitting undershirts.

Produced by creative agency Preacher, the 60-second film is the brand’s second campaign. “Undershirt Undoing” follows “No Adjustment Needed,” Tommy John’s short clip about the brand’s beginnings. The video shows how Tommy John’s patented undershirt is the solution for today’s typical men’s undershirt issues, including bunching, coming untucked, stretching out and yellowing.

“For too long men have been resigned to living in discomfort with their undershirts and allowing it to negatively impact them everyday,” said Josh Dean, chief marketing officer. “In typical Tommy John fashion, we took to raising awareness about a frustrating issue in a humorous yet relatable way.”

Following last year’s “No Adjustment Needed” campaign, “Undershirt Undoing” provides viewers with a series of hilarious vignettes that show men battling their undershirts at golf tournaments, dates, weddings and other social gatherings. For the video, using live ferrets allowed Tommy John to demonstrate the unsettling movements of undershirts that takes place on a regular basis.

Tommy John was founded in 2008 by CEO Tom Patterson after he experienced much frustration with ill-fitting and poor functioning undershirts. With co-founder Erin Fujimoto (Patterson’s wife), Tom developed the first patented undershirt that didn’t bunch and had a stay-tucked guarantee. Created with a tapered design, the undershirt fits the body without constricting movements and is available in a variety of styles to fit consumers’ needs.

In addition to the campaign, Tommy John also announced that actor Kevin Hart became one of the company’s investors last week. Tommy John sales are projected to reach over $100 million by 2018.