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Under Armour Debuts UA HOVR Cushioning for Running Shoes

Under Armour is working to make sure runners have a smooth ride—and its latest cushioning technology may help prevent injuries and increase performance.

Under Armour has launched UA HOVR, a new footwear cushioning technology that protects feet and returns energy during workouts. The technology will debut in two running styles—the UA HOVR Platform and the UA HOVR Sonic—with plans to add it to other footwear categories down the line.

“The development of UA HOVR was inspired by the insight that every step a runner takes has the impact of 2-4x their body weight, holding them down. When designing UA HOVR, we set out to create the perfect combination of cushioning plus responsiveness and energy return—to essentially lift you up,” said Dave Dombrow, Under Armour’s chief design officer. “The UA HOVR underfoot returns that energy and makes every stride feel light and effortless.”

UA HOVR delivers on consumers’ needs for a more comfortable and highly functional running shoe by leveraging two key components, a proprietary foam compound and an advanced mesh fabric. The midsole is created with a proprietary foam compound that was developed in collaboration with Dow Chemical, a specialty chemical solutions company, and possesses a super-soft durometer that provides cushioning and shock absorption when feet contact the ground. Another key component is the “Energy Web,” a mesh fabric that wraps around the cushioning core for energy return and strong responsiveness. Unlike conventional running shoes, UA HOVR shoes absorb body impact—enabling wearers to perform better and stay safe on various running surfaces.


Digital UA HOVR styles will feature an embedded high fidelity sensor. With the sensor, the shoes are digitally connected with other tech features, including the MapMyRun app that allows users to track detailed workout data, including cadence, distance, pace and stride length. UA HOVR’s technology allows information to directly sync from the shoes to MapMyRun and does not require recharging. Digital versions of the UA HOVR Phantom and UA HOVR Sonic also come with an annual MVP subscription to MapMyRun, providing users access to a fitness community of 225 million people and other advanced data analytics.

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For runners who want all-around cushioning, the UA HOVR Phantom, which retails at $130 for non-connected and $140 for connected, weighs 10.6 ounces and features a knitted collar for heightened comfort. The UA HOVR Sonic, which retails at $100 for non-connected and $110 for connected, is tailored for runners who prioritize distance. The shoe, which weighs 9.6 ounces, provides a lighter and more responsive ride. Both styles are available to purchase on, at Under Armour retail locations and other sport specialty stores worldwide.

“We obsess over every detail in our running footwear to ensure supreme comfort, unrivaled performance and the ultimate underfoot ride,” said Topher Gaylord, general manager of UA Run. “With beautiful design converging with state-of-the-art digital capabilities, UA HOVR technology empowers athletes everywhere, at all levels of the sport, with performance advantages previously available only to the world’s most elite athletes. Put simply, Under Armour and UA HOVR make you better.”