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Victoria’s Secret Unveils Heart-Rate Sensing Bra

Having mastered the physics of bra making, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is now tapping into wearable technology with a new sport bra equipped with heart-rate sensors.

The new Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Heart-Rate Monitor Compatible Sport Bra features built-in electrodes that connect to the wearer’s skin, however, it does not include a heart monitor. Clips at the front of the bra’s band allow most clip-on heart rate monitors to attach, ridding the need for a belt strap. The bra, which comes in gray/black or Victoria’s Secret signature pink, retails for $75.

Victoria’s Secret dipped its toes into the wearable tech space last month when it announced a partnership with fitness and sleep monitor manufacturer Misfit. From Nov. 4-9, the retailer offered a limited edition VS-branded fitness tracker as free gift with purchases over $200.