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vPersonalize Launches Tool for Customized Apparel and Accessory Design

vPersonalize Inc., a design-your-own apparel and accessory provider in California, announced on Monday the launch of its next generation design software. The innovation delivers advanced features for designers to visualize and produce products to their customers on demand.

Bala Selvarajan, co-founder and chief technologist for, said, “We have continually improved our platform over time. Features like advanced error checking point out any problems in visual design. Auto-fit, mirror and clone functions make it much easier for any creative individual to design professional looking products.”

He added, “We have also added a much requested feature from designers – the ability to select and reorder their older designs.”

With the combination of custom design, e-commerce, and on-demand manufacturing, vPersonalize allows designers to easily create and provide unique personalized fashion. It permits designers to visualize their creation in 3D, true to size, before it gets made.

Lee Hagelshaw, co-founder and CFO of, explained, “One of the barriers for emerging designers has been access to an easy and affordable manufacturing platform. More and more fashion designers are turning to to produce their own exclusive designs in small batches, under their own label, shipped direct to their customers, without the inventory risk of having to pay for a larger run from a traditional manufacturer. And like with e-books, no design ever goes ‘out of print’, as all products are made on-demand.”