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The Week in Denim: Bossa Increases Commitment to Better Cotton

Levi’s asks gun owners to leave the firearms at home


Levi’s found itself in the crosshairs of one of America’s most controversial issues Thursday after the company’s CEO Chip Bergh asked gun owners to keep firearms out of its stores. (Read More)

Khloe Kardashian shoots down sweat shop speculation


Khloe Kardashian’s recently launched denim brand Good American may be a big success so far, but the reality TV star turned denim maven is now defending her company against allegations on social media that it uses sweat shops to produce its clothing. (Read More)

Axing Aniline: Is it really that dangerous?


The list of chemicals involved in making fashion-forward jeans is extensive, and frankly controversial. (Read More)

Jeans Couture combines east with west


From the city of Dubai, the new fashion label Jeans Couture unites aesthetics from Asia, Europe and America, thanks to a little help from denim. (Read More)

Cheeky Ladies: 100 cheeks celebrates ladies in denim


Photographer Kava Gorna shot her first denim-clad bottom about five years ago while working on a personal project. (Read More)

Tencel scores high in new Higg MSI


Apparel brands looking to make less of an adverse impact on the environment now have access to even more material data to aid them on the path toward sustainability. (Read More)

Bossa increases commitment to better cotton


Bossa is ramping up its sustainability efforts, announcing plans to incrementally grow its use of Better Cotton to 90 percent by 2018. (Read More)