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This Week in Denim: The Hill-Side on Japanese Fabrics and Menswear’s Beginnings

Vintage Denim: From mining treasures to mom jeans

Vintage Jeans
Denim has a long history, meaning that “vintage” denim can be anything from a pair of shredded, late 19th century overalls unearthed from an abandoned mining site to your mom’s stonewashed duds from high school. (Read More)

DL1961 launches new collection with Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba X DL1961
DL1961 and The Honest Company founder and actress Jessica Alba share more than the desire to create a more ecofriendly world. The New York-based denim brand partnered with Alba to co-design an 18-piece capsule collection inspired by the actress’ busy lifestyle and classic style. (Read More)

The Hill-Side on Japanese fabrics and menswear’s beginnings

The hill-side on Japanese fabrics & menswear's beginnings
When Emil Corsillo started The Hill-Side, the menswear movement was on the brink of exploding. “I think it was all kind of in the air and about to take off,” Corsillo said. “The internet made clothing cool and exciting for a lot of guys who weren’t into getting dressed that much before.” (Read More)

Mavi & Orta Anadolu launch fundraiser for indigo turtles

Indigo turtles still have a friend in Mavi. The denim brand partnered with Mediterranean mill Orta Anadolu for a second consecutive year to support the Ecological Research Society’s Indigo Turtles Project. (Read More)

Madewell kicks off Denim Forever tour

Madewell Denim Forever Tour 2
Madewell is debuting another event for denim lovers. The women’s apparel company is bringing the Denim Forever tour, a 13-day denim recycling and live chain stitching celebration, to six cities in the United States. (Read More)

Panos Sofianos on reimagining denim at Munich Fabric Start

Panos Sofianos
Denim industry veteran Panos Sofianos and the Bluezone team has been working on the introduction of a new denim concept this year at textile trade show Munich Fabric Start (Aug. 30-Sept. 1). In April, Sofianos was brought on as the manager of Bluezone, Munich Fabric Start’s denim area, as well as new business. (Read More)

Industry Standard touts #ImWithHer jeans

Industry Standard is setting a new standard in fashionable political apparel. The New York-based denim brand landed on the radar of Vogue and Bustle recently with its Remy jeans embroidered with #ImWithHer. (Read More)