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The Week in Denim: M.I.H. Delves Into Embellished Custom Denim

Artistic Milliners appoints Ebru Ozaydin marketing director


Artistic Milliners recently announced that it has appointed Ebru Ozaydin as the company’s new director of sales and global marketing. (Read More)

What does the ZDHC Chemical Gateway mean for the industry?


The issue of hazardous chemicals isn’t new in consumer products. The Romans knew lead was harmful over 2,000 years ago. (Read More)

M.I.H. delves into embellished custom denim


London-based brand M.i.h hops on the trend with Denim Girls Project, a newly launched online service that offers consumers customizable denim options. (Read More)

Kingpins New York and Le Souk create a virtual denim showroom


Le Souk, an online material sourcing network, announced Thursday a new venture into denim, with an exclusive partnership with Kingpins New York. (Read More)

Swedish Hasbeens dishes out denim with HasJeans


Swedish-based clog connoisseurs, Swedish Hasbeens, added denim to their closet with the additions of corduroy and denim bottoms that complement the brand’s signature shoes. (Read More)

Retail Realities: Askov Finlayson in Minneapolis


Minneapolis menswear shop Askov Finlayson is thoroughly grounded in American design. The name of the store comes from a highway exit sign, indicating two neighboring towns “Askov” and “Finlayson” in Northern Minnesota, which founders Eric and Andrew Dayton passed on the way to a family cabin. (Read More)

Denim, according to Gen Z


The buying power of the millennials has captured a great deal of attention, but Generation Z is on track to become one of the largest social marketing groups denim has ever encountered. (Read More)