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The Week in Footwear: Adidas Streamlines China Trade Activities with Amber Road

Retail Realities: Shoe Be Do in New Orleans

Salacious nightlife, iconic architecture and colorful characters are not the only things New Orleans and Amsterdam have in common. Both share a love for the eclectic shoe brand United Nude. (Read More)

The 2008 Louis Vuitton sneaker taking over Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley sneakerheads beat to their own drum. (Read More)

Shoe Carnival exceeds expectations in Q4

Shoe Carnival exceeded expectations for the fourth quarter, while reporting a decrease in revenue for fiscal year 2016. (Read More)

Adidas streamlines China trade activities with Amber Road

Adidas Greater China is in growth mode and making the proper preparations. (Read More)

A new report explains why mule might lead to back pain

The delicious suede, fur-lined and embroidered mules filling up stores (and Instagram feeds) this spring may come with some health consequences—and women are fine with it. (Read More)

Finish Line disappoints in Q4

Finish Line experienced a rough fourth quarter. (Read More)

Irregular Choice’s imaginative collection for girls

Women’s footwear brand Irregular Choice is offering bite-size cuteness in its debut collection for girls. (Read More)