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The Week in Footwear: How Rooy Turns Sneaker Dreams Into Reality

‘Tis the season for counterfeit goods

Nearly $2.5 million worth of knockoff Nike sneakers bound for the U.K.’s counterfeit capital, Manchester, never made it to their final destination. (Read More)

Novus makes landfall with new Florida group

With 40 year of experience and 60 store locations in Puerto Rico, footwear label Novus announced last week the opening of its first retail location in the continental U.S. (Read More)

Year of the Three Stripe: Why Adidas ruled footwear in 2016

Between political uncertainties and shoppers who were more fickle and demanding than ever, it was another wild year in the footwear biz. But in 2016, it was all smooth sailing for Adidas. (Read More)

How Rooy turns sneaker dreams into reality

How can a sneaker designer break the barrier of entry in a category governed by Nike, Adidas and Under Armour? Some turn to Rooy for help. (Read More)

Why 3-D was the biggest trend in footwear tech in 2016

From 3-D printing to robots that are changing the way shoes are made, 2016 was the year footwear got tech-y. (Read More)

Luxury brands find relief in footwear

Despite a rocky overall year for the retail sector, the footwear industry served as a shining light for high-end designers in need of a boost in sales. (Read More)

Year in Review: All the looks from Europe

From gothic combat boots to sandals destined for a tropical vacation, twice a year the Vamp team travels to Europe to uncover next season’s biggest trends. Which will succeed in the U.S., and which will sink? We’ll soon find out. (Read More)