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WGSN Unveils Color Themes for Autumn/Winter 2018-19

WGSN is anticipating individuality, fantasy and heritage will dominate color themes for Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

On Thursday, the color authority held a A/W ’18-19 Color Trendtalk in New York, which emphasized key stories for coming season. According to WGSN, A/W ’18-19 will bring with it colors that foster unique expressions, alternative reality and vintage elements for both womenswear and menswear.

A/W ’18-19 Global Color

Four concrete color themes—The Thinker, Human Nature, Dark Wonder and Worldhood—will ground A/W ’18-19. Color will also highlight the individual’s apparel tastes, while sci-fi and nostalgia will update pre-existing hues.

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The Thinker

While technology remains a core element of people’s lives, the library is becoming a hub of intellectual creativity and a place to escape from the modern world. Colors for A/W ’18-19 will resonate with library interiors, going back to preppy and more heritage-based hues, including rich browns, greens, neutrals and reds.

For womenswear, the rise of tailoring will play a crucial role with this color theme. Blues, soft yellows and tans will make up a majority of this apparel category, prioritizing intellectual consumers who love luxury. The Thinker theme has also led to pink becoming a popular color in menswear, as the apparel category becomes more paramount and expands into other unconventional hues.

Human Nature

Experiences are taking over consumers’ leisure time and that zest for adventure will highly influence A/W ’18-19 colors.

Hues in the Human Nature theme will be heavily pigmented and very rich. Red will be a key color, while yellow will take on a more amber tone and blues become more energetic. Colors overall in this theme will take consumers back to the elements, including beach landscapes and colorful outdoor scenery.

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During the season, womenswear will take on a more “folk-like” appearance, with military greens, gold saffron and other harvest tones dominating the category. Menswear garments will also feature spice-like hues, including saffron, oak and orange.

Dark Wonder

Sci-fi and reality are coming together to shake up colors for the coming A/W ’18-19 season.

Colors will still be sophisticated and demonstrate a hint of experimentation. Inky tones will mix with brighter hues to create unique and unconventional colors. Rich purples, neon yellows and metallics will also take center stage for the season.

Womenswear will see galaxy-like colors, including silver and shiny green, while menswear will also experience similar hues with more focus on metallic bronze and copper tones.


Universal streetwear will also play a crucial part in A/W ’18-19 colors.

Culling inspiration from global neighborhoods, Worldhood is about people coming together to celebrate fashion. Streetwear is expected to feature more gritty hues, with cement tones taking center stage.

For womenswear, consumers can expect more gray and orange during the colder months, while bold yellows and tinted greens give way to a more retro-fun look for menswear.