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Wonderous Invents World’s First Odor, Liquid and Stain Free Chino Pants

What if there were pants that stayed fresh, remained dry and resisted the occasional food spill?

Wonderous may have the next best product for consumers that desire timeless, durable and clean clothes.

The American apparel brand just created the world’s first odor, liquid and stain free chino pants. This week, Wonderous launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Forever O.G. Pants, with a goal of raising $20,000 for its first production run.

“Our inspiration for The Forever O.G. Pants was simple. We saw how cheap pants don’t last and how expensive pants don’t fit for long,” Wonderous founder Jeff Chang said.

Before starting Wonderous, Chang worked in the restaurant industry and also at Maker’s Row in Brooklyn, where he and his colleagues talked frequently about how frustrating it was to shop for quality apparel. To combat today’s fast fashion scene and support U.S. manufacturers, Chang decided to launch Wonderous and create revolutionary clothing.

The brand’s Forever O.G. Pants are different from other clothes that are produced overseas and maximize quantity over quality. Manufactured in New York City, the Forever O.G. Pants have a lifetime guarantee and are part of Wonderous’ size program, where consumers may exchange their old pairs for new ones if they change measurements.

Additionally, odor repellant fabric is present in each pair of chinos, with 3-ply, 4-way stretch material that’s silver-infused. The silver terminates odors caused by bacteria and maintains freshness. Water repellent nano technology is also another advanced element, which keeps liquids and stains from damaging any pair of Forever O.G. Pants.

Other features of the chinos include premium embroidery, Italian gingham lining, durable hardware, heavy duty YKK zippers, tucked belt loops and a reinforced double crotch. Forever O.G. Pants come in two styles: Classic Fit or Tailor Slim Fit.

Changing up the fashion industry is another important component of Wonderous’s mission. Compared to other retailers that usually keep margins at 70 percent and cost at 30 percent, Wonderous is conducting business differently. With an emphasis on transparency, Wonderous shares the true cost of its pants and its markups so its consumers know that it uses quality material, sells affordable merchandise and ensures that its workers are paid fairly. The brand hopes to ship Forever O.G. Pants this holiday season.