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Yoshirt Launches Custom Apparel App

The line between designer and consumer continues to blur. Yoshirt, a product customization engine, announced the launch of a custom apparel brand and technology app on Thursday. The mobile app, compatible with iOS devices, serves as an easy-to-use design tool allowing users to design and purchase custom apparel using their own photos and Yoshirt-supplied graphics, background, text and patterns.

The Yoshirt platform also allows partner brands and IP rights holders to offer the customization service to their existing customers. Lifestyle apparel brand NEFF has already signed on, launching a range of custom shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops and socks via the Yoshirt app.

“I’m excited to be launching the Yoshirt brand and technology platform. We’ve been developing and testing for some time and are really happy with what we’re able to offer our customers and brand partners,” Yoshirt founder and president Franky Aguilar said. “We’re looking forward to building the business for our anxious customers and great partners like NEFF.”

Aguilar, who has designed and built Catwang, Snoopify and nearly 40 other apps accounting for over 10 million downloads, developed Yoshirt as a creative means to connect brands with its customers. Through a unique user experience, transaction process and innovative supply chain, Yoshirt aims to offer end users premium apparel at competitive market prices.