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Target’s Changing the Lights in its Stores to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Following its new climate change goals, Target Corp. has advanced its energy reduction goals by replacing old fluorescent light fixtures across nearly all of its 1,800-plus stores nationwide.

More than two million LED fixtures will be used instead, the discounter said in a blog post, noting that the eco-friendly lights result in “millions of dollars in cost savings and are poised to make a big impact for our energy reduction goals.” The change follows an LED light fixture test in 2015 at 100 Target stores.

The changeover, Target said, translates to a 10 percent reduction in the energy needed to power its stores annually, or the equivalent of powering nearly 40,000 homes. Plus, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would equate to taking 70,000 cars off the road for the year.

According to Target, the lights also have built-in digital technology that interacts with its app for guests who opt-in, and can help map their way through the store on a mobile phone.

The company said 80 percent of its stores so far are Energy Star certified. New stores will be equipped with the LED lights. Over the next few years, Target will also put LED fixtures in place in “hundreds of Target parking lots, stockrooms and other store spaces, too.”