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UK Shoppers Embrace One-Stop Shopping

72% of British shoppers regularly purchase clothing and accessories from supermarkets, according to a study by Santander, a UK-based bank. Low prices and convenience are apparently the motivating factors–64% of those surveyed cited the ease of one-stop shopping; 51% cited price.

Alan Mathewson, CEO of Santander’s credit card division, said in a press release that competitive prices, rewards programs, and convenience have become paramount as British households are “increasingly short of both money and time.”

Mathewson called this a “shift” in consumer behavior, as shoppers look to “consolidate their purchasing habits under just one roof.” This shift, however, is far from total–while a startling 98% of UK shoppers at least occasionally buy non-food items at a grocery store, only 16% of shoppers buy all of their items in one place.