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50 Factories in China Tap New Worker Training Tool

Labor groups and unions make a practice of fighting for workers’ rights, but some workers themselves don’t even know what rights they should be fighting for.

In furthering its commitment to fair labor conditions, European fashion company Lindex piloted a digital tool developed by Swedish firm QuizRR to teach textile factory workers their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Now the company is expanding on the initiative with hopes of putting the program in place on a grander scale.

“QuizRR has great potential to strengthen and train workers in their rights,” Anna-Karin Dahlberg, production support manager at Lindex, said. “It’s an important area for us at Lindex and our goal is to work with our suppliers to create a positive change.”

The goal, Lindex said, is to increase the prospects for safe working conditions and workplaces. With QuizRR, workers can watch films and take quizzes—all in their local language—to help make the learning process more dynamic and increase the likelihood of the information resonating.

Training in health and safety, fire and building safety, workplace dialogue and employment policies are all part of the program, and content is based on international conventions, global companies’ codes, industry associations and local laws and regulations.

More than 50 factories in China, five of which are Lindex suppliers, are already using the tool. Bangladesh is the next market up for the QuizRR and Lindex plans to roll the tool out to other key textile production markets going forward.

“QuizRR could become an important tool to drive change,” Dahlberg said.