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Athleta Debuts First Fair Trade Certified Activewear

Athleta is supporting female garment workers globally with its latest initiative.

The apparel brand launched an assortment of 40 Fair Trade Certified styles in its spring collection and the offering is projected to approach 100 items by the end of the year. The Fair Trade Certified styles will be incorporated in some of Athleta’s popular lines, including the Sculptek Stealth collection and will be available in-store and online. The partnership will also enable Athleta to improve the lives of female manufacturing employees worldwide.

“Supporting women in their ability to come together to reach their full potential is core to our brand,” said Athleta president Nancy Green. “Partnering with Fair Trade USA is an important and natural step in directly enabling the women who create Athleta clothes to positively affect their communities and families.”

Athleta’s Fair Trade Certified styles are produced by a newly certified Sri Lanka factory and will support over 2,100 female workers. For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, factory workers earn an additional financial premium, which is collectively allocated to various community needs. Previous investments that factory workers have voted on included childcare, education and women’s health programs.

The Fair Trade certification aligns with Gap Inc.’s Vendor conduct standards, which support worker-management communication and supply chain transparency. Athleta’s products are produced in factories that pass evaluation under the standards’ compliance, environmental and labor regulations. With this certification, Athleta facilitates a more ethical and environmentally-friendly supply chain for its activewear apparel.

“Fair Trade allows each of us to live our values through our everyday choices–through a simple purchase,” Fair Trade CEO and president Paul Rice said. “When you choose a Fair Trade Certified item from Athleta, you’re not just getting an amazing product; you’re also helping empower and improve the lives of the women who made it.”