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RMG Workers Protest in Ashulia, Bangladesh

Roughly one thousand factory workers at a garment factory in Ashulia, Bangladesh opted out of work Monday in protest against unpaid July wages and the consistent firing of workers.

As reported in Bangladesh’s The Daily Star, workers of Yagi Bangladesh Garment Ltd explained they were once paid each month’s salary within the first 10 days of the following month, but they are still waiting for their July salaries. Yagi Bangladesh is located in the Beron area of Ashulia.

Witnesses said the workers began the work abstention after factory management did not allow 25 workers  into the factory.

Parveen, a swing operator at the factory, said the workers also protested Sunday, which led to the firing of 25 people. Protesters said they refuse to stop the demonstration until their salaries are paid and the fired workers are rehired.

Md Mostafizur Rahman, director of the Ashulia Industrial Police, said that factory management promised payment by Tuesday.

Administration officer of the factory, Md Saidur Rahman said they did not fire workers, but rather suspended them because they protested for their salary before Eid al-Fitr.