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The Future of Manufacturing: Change Management

The demand on today’s supply chain is all about smaller runs, faster turns and better quality—but can you have all of that simultaneously?

Companies that invest in their factory culture certainly can, according to Jose R. Suarez, Impactiva founder/CEO. In a recent chat with Sourcing Journal founder and president Edward Hertzman, Suarez broke down how apparel and textile manufacturers can transform their factories by training middle managers to actively engage and win the hearts of their factory workers.

How? One strategy, known as the Oreo Cookie Technique, teaches supervisors to communicate with their workers by offering a positive statement, constructive criticism and positive reinforcement—in that order.

“The first step is changing the culture of the factory. It’s truly about building new behaviors, building habits which result in the values of accountability, discipline, transparency and self-reliability,” Suarez said.

Watch the video to learn more about creating a new culture—and why you should do this before investing millions into new technology.