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Myanmar Sets New Minimum Wage

Myanmar now has its first national minimum wage in place and workers in the fledgling sourcing destination’s garment sector will be making 3,600 kyats, roughly $3.22 a day.

Based on an eight-hour work day for the five-day week plus a half shift on Saturdays, garment workers in Myanmar will be bringing in just over $70 a month—much less than the roughly $150 a month workers in nearby Vietnam earn and lower still than the $200 workers make in Thailand each month—making it among the lowest cost labor in Asia.

Myanmar’s National Minimum Wage Designation Committee made the announcement Monday, according to Xinhua News Agency, noting that the wage will apply to businesses with more than 15 employees in all regions and states across the country.

The move follows the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security’s minimum wage study conducted to glean input on the appropriate official wage and one year of coordination between the government, employers and labor representatives.

Last month, roughly 200 workers staged a strike in Yangon, demanding their daily wage be set at 5,600 kyats ($5), Xinhua reported, but the settled rate comes in line with the wage study’s findings and stakeholders’ input as to what was viable for the country.