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Topshop Distribution Workers Hold Cyber Monday Strike

Topshop supply depot workers are advocating for better pay.

According to GMB, a U.K. general union, staff at Spectrum for Arcadia organized a strike at the distribution center in Solihull on Cyber Monday. Over 50 workers lined up outside of the depot to call out former BHS boss Sir Philip Green for failing to settle a minimum wage dispute.

“It’s a disgrace that ‘Sir’ Philip Green who holds the purse strings on this DHL contract and has enriched himself on the backs of these loyal workers is refusing to put a sensible offer on the table,” GMB organizer David Warwick said. He added, “I sincerely hope he takes some time from sailing his luxury yacht to reconsider his position and pay his workers enough money for a decent standard of living.”

GMB members at the DHL Logistics Supply Chain division voted to strike last week, after the pay dispute remained unsolved. Workers at the center are responsible for digital fulfillment orders of many popular brands, including Burton Men’s Wear, Miss Selfridge and Topshop. Currently, most of the staff at the center is paid the national minimum wage of $8.94, which is below the Living Wage Foundation’s standard of $10.49. GMB said that pay talks with ACAS have failed to alter the workers’ payment situation.

The strike follows Sir Philip Green’s exit from knighthood last month, after MPs found Green guilty of BHS’s collapse this year. Green sold BHS for less than a pound in 2015 to Retail Acquisitions Ltd., an investment group that had undergone bankruptcy twice. Green’s financial decision cause the closure of 114 BHS locations and left over 600 workers without employment.

GMB plans to take more action against the pay dispute in December.