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VF Pledges to Spend $17 Million to Improve Bangladesh Working Conditions

VF Corporation published a progress report Thursday outlining its ongoing efforts to improve the safety and working conditions of its suppliers in Bangladesh. The company has pledged to spend at least $17 million in the near term to continue doing its part to upgrade the country’s garment sector.

As a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a five-year initiative aimed at improving workplace safety in Bangladesh’s garment factories, VF made progress in factory inspections and repairs over the last year, improved worker training and provided financial resources for worker support and safety, all in collaboration with the initiative.

Eric Wiseman, VF chairman, president and CEO, said, “At VF, the safety of our associates and the people who make our products around the world is a priority and we are putting our human and financial resources behind our commitment.”

The Alliance, whose signatory members include, Gap, Macy’s and Walmart, released its first annual report last month noting that the organization has inspected all of its 587 member factories, developed initiatives that empower workers to voice safety concerns, and made investments to support structural and other factory improvements.

Wiseman added, “We are proud of our recent accomplishments and those of the Alliance in Bangladesh, but there is still much work to be done. We will continue to collaborate with The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and with the Bangladeshi government, labor unions, garment workers, factory owners and other like-minded organizations to make the factories in Bangladesh safer for all workers.”