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Convoy, Flexport Set Strategic Partnership for Full Digitization for Shippers

Digital freight network Convoy and global logistics platform Flexport have announced a long-term, strategic partnership to bring end-to-end shipment automation across land, sea and air.

The partnership draws on Flexport’s international client base and Convoy’s North American carrier network to provide customers with seamless logistics services while expanding business capabilities for both companies through a new shared data exchange that integrates shipments across their platforms.

The companies noted that traditionally, it’s been a challenge for shippers to track shipments across a patchwork of logistics providers and digital solutions, as their freight moves from international to domestic endpoints. Through this partnership, customers will be able to move their goods via international and domestic transportation, all through the Flexport platform.

Capturing all communication, data and reporting in one place will yield greater operational efficiencies, provide customers with a full view of their supply chain and help them better understand total landed cost from purchase order to inception to final delivery, the firms said. With comprehensive knowledge of their supply chain spend, customers can make more informed and dynamic decisions to ensure their freight gets to where it needs to be as efficiently and with as much flexibility as possible.

“This partnership represents a shift in the logistics ecosystem, fueled by an increase in collaboration and visibility, thanks to technology,” Ryan Petersen, CEO and founder of Flexport, said. “We’re thrilled to work with Convoy to make what has historically been a complex, fragmented industry more connected and in doing so, progress in our mission to make shipping easier for everyone.”

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Dan Lewis, CEO and co-founder of Convoy, said the partnership advances a vision long-shared by Convoy and Flexport “that technology will create efficiencies and bring flexibility to the supply chain.”

Through a multi-phased approach to achieve full system integration, both companies have committed to contributing to the centralized platform, which will provide competitive and complete end-to-end solutions while reducing friction and improving service delivery.

Under the partnership, Flexport gains access to Convoy’s broad network of carriers. as well as deeper integration with Convoy’s products and services, enabling it to scale its truckload service offerings and provide visibility to clients once goods reach domestic ports. Convoy will integrate directly with Flexport’s operational dashboard, Transmission, and its network of international clients to further grow its domestic marketplace.

Customers will gain the ability to book end-to-end loads directly on the Flexport platform, with Convoy powering truckload delivery services. The partnership builds on Convoy and Flexport’s existing, strong collaborations to deliver enhanced visibility and improved customer service to international shippers while reducing waste in the supply chain.

The two technology companies first collaborated in 2018 with Flexport’s adoption of Convoy’s self-serve shipper platform for transactional freight. Over time, Convoy developed dedicated support for Flexport to deploy Convoy’s technology and services for both contractual and non-contractual freight. In turn, Convoy has adopted Transmission to communicate with Flexport’s internal operations teams and clients.

Convoy uses technology and data to solve problems of waste and inefficiency in the $800 billion trucking industry, which generates over 87 million metric tons of wasted CO2 emissions from empty trucks. Companies of all sizes use Flexport technology to move more than $10 billion worth of merchandise across 112 countries every year.