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DHL Opens Retail Service Center Facility In New York City

DHL has expanded its operations in the Big Apple.

The international express services provider announced Wednesday that it opened a new retail service center facility in New York City’s financial district. Now international shipping customers may walk to this convenient lower Manhattan spot to drop off their mail.

Notably, the 1,200-square-foot center also doesn’t use pickup and delivery vehicles. Instead, more than a dozen walking couriers take care of all the work and cover five zip codes throughout the financial district. International express deliveries of envelopes and small packages are delivered by noon to most locations, which is an hour earlier compared to driving deliveries. A staffed customer counter is also available for customers who want to drop off shipments throughout the day.

DHL senior vice president and general manager for the Northeast, Laurice Bancroft, spoke about how Wall Street’s population will have a speedy solution with DHL’s new operations expansion.

“Our new service helps get those all-important documents delivered to the area’s financial and legal firms that much earlier. We like to say it’s moving at the speed of the Big Yellow Machine—this one configured to the narrow nooks and crannies of lower Manhattan,” he said.

The new center further assists DHL’s customer service to financial and legal firms in New York City via helicopter service. DHL’s helicopter service stops on Mahattan’s west side and at Newark’s Liberty International Airport. Urgent financial or legal documents also still arrive the next business day to London’s financial district, due to the late pick-up service DHL offers to New York City’s companies.

Additional DHL operations include the Tenth Avenue and West 39th Street retail service center facility in Manhattan and many more throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. JFK Airport also hosts one of DHL’s U.S. gateway facilities.