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New Survey Shows Speedy Delivery Can Curb Cart Abandonment

A new survey from same-day delivery specialist Dropoff shows consumer expectations around delivery are increasing, but their experiences with those deliveries have worsened.

The survey of 995 U.S. consumers conducted in February shows they expect faster delivery and a higher level of professionalism than previous years, with 43 percent expecting companies to have “much faster” delivery times, up from 35 percent in 2017.

Thirty-one percent of consumers said they opted for same-day delivery in 2018 compared to 17 percent in 2017, while 75 percent said the professionalism of the delivery person was important and only 14 percent of consumers said they trust peer-to-peer delivery providers.

The results also conveyed an “expectations gap” between consumers wanting items delivered the same-day and whether they actually received same-day service. In the clothing, shoes and accessories category, 21 percent of consumers surveyed said they wanted same-day delivery, but only 2 percent actually received it.

“These results show that retailers are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for faster delivery,” said Dropoff, which partners with brands like Whole Foods, Neiman Marcus, Sam’s Club, Ikea and Farfetch across a variety of industries.

While companies like Amazon are making same-day and two-day delivery the norm, data from the Dropoff survey reveals consumers are open to other options–65 percent of Amazon shoppers said they would order from another retailer if they offered the same delivery options as Amazon.

Brand or retailer aside, consumers have indicated a decline in the quality of service they get from carriers. Thirty-six percent have received incorrect items compared to 31 percent in 2017, 41 percent of items arrived damaged compared to 34 percent last year, 78 percent said packages arrived late compared to 70 percent in 2017 and 31 percent said packages went missing compared to 25 percent in 2017.

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The survey from Dropoff, which currently operates in about 18 cities, also portrayed why merchants should care about how delivery speed and quality affect consumer purchasing decisions.

Results pointed to 47 percent of respondents who have paid extra for same-day or next day delivery, 53 percent have abandoned an online purchase over slow delivery times, and 57 percent said an unprofessional delivery affects whether they would shop from that retailer again.

The expectation for speed is growing faster for millennials than non-millennials, too, according to the survey. In 2018, 50 percent of millennials expected faster delivery compared to a year ago, whereas only 41 percent of millennials expressed those increasing year-over-year expectations in 2017.

“It’s evident that the demand for same-day delivery isn’t going anywhere and brands can benefit greatly from offering the option to consumers,” Dropoff said. “At a time when retailers are making big moves to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry, the value of providing a more professional, reliable and speedy delivery option to consumers can’t be ignored.”

Dropoff said with 50 percent of consumers noting same-day delivery would encourage them to shop online more often and nearly two-thirds of Amazon shoppers saying they would shop elsewhere if the same delivery options were available, it’s clear that “giving consumers the option to choose same-day at checkout can significantly reduce shopping cart abandonment and drive future purchases.”

“It’s imperative that retailers work with a logistics partner that represents their brand the way they want it to be represented and holds the same customer service values,” Dropoff added. “It’s evident retailers are striving to set themselves apart due to the ‘Amazon Effect.’ Delivering on the elevated last mile experience consumers have come to expect can do just that.”