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Grabr Raises $3.5M in Funding From Angel Investors

Peer-to-peer logistics platform Grabr just received a big financial boost to set up the world’s largest network of travelers and shoppers.

A group of angel investors, led by Alexey Repik of RBV Capital and including Konstantin Nikolaev of N-Trans Group, granted $3.5 million to Grabr to help grow its presence in the global commerce sector.

Founded in March 2015, Grabr is a “mutually beneficial platform” that offers travelers some extra cash, while buyers get access to goods that they otherwise couldn’t buy. It’s basically a worldwide delivery hub that’s connected more than 50,000 users. Each shopper uploads a grab post with their desired item, delivery details and traveler reward amount. Travelers located where the special product is sold place a bid to buy and deliver the item to the shopper. The shopper and traveler then arrange to meet and both parties receive their item and payment.

“We are inspired by peer-to-peer and sharing economies as well as marketplaces, and we wanted to combine these two to create one that would influence people’s lives in different countries by giving them access to global shopping and making travel more affordable,” Grabr CEO Daria Rebenok said. “Our team of investors has a deep understanding of global logistics, commerce, and flows in the on-demand space around the world.”

Online retailers today are competing for faster delivery options that cater to consumers. Delivery windows from many companies, including Grabr, aren’t confined to the standard four-day shipping duration anymore. Instead, consumers today have access to same-day delivery and even one-hour delivery with the emergence of new technologies. Compared to popular Amazon Flex, Grabr takes crowdsourced delivery to the next level—travelers can earn $10 to $100 per item, instead of $18 to $25 hourly.

As Grabr expands across Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, Ukraine and the United States, people will have the ability to receive global goods without shipping or delivery stress.

“We’ve only seen the beginning of how peer-to-peer sharing will impact global communities, and Grabr is by far the most disruptive platform we’ve encountered in this space,” RBV Capital managing partner Alexey Repik said. “We’re very impressed with what Daria and the Grabr team have managed to build in just one year and are looking forward to what the future holds.”