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Lectra Supply Chain Program Streamlines Data Integrity for Brands

Lectra is strengthening supply chains for the global apparel industry.

The integrated technology solutions provider debuted a new supply chain program, which allows brands, retailers and suppliers to control digital information and minimize the production process for their collection.

“For contractors and suppliers, keeping in step with the fast-paced fashion industry has accelerated the mutual need for digital data along the supply chain. But the quality of data exchange has not evolved at the same momentum,” Lectra chief marketing and communications officer Céline Choussy-Bedouet said. “Lectra’s program expertly fills this gap to support our customers as they compete in this rapid market.”

Today, the apparel industry is gearing towards full digitization. Technologies, including augmented reality and 3D, are helping clothing companies efficiently address personalization demands and improve consumers’ purchasing processes. These technologies are fueling the continual exchange of large volumes of digital data in supply chains and heightening the need for data security transferred between apparel industry members worldwide.

Lectra’s new supply chain program tackles this issue and ensures data integrity across digital exchanges. With the program, data could be incorporated efficiently to minimize development time, boost productivity, improve product quality, reduce time to market and fulfill consumer satisfaction. The program fosters a connected supply chain, which is essential for apparel companies to operate successfully in the current fast-fashion market scene, address consumer demands and offer better omnichannel services.

In supply chains, contractors and their suppliers sometimes do not use the same software applications, which could lead valuable information to be partially transferred incorrectly. This miscommunication often generates costly errors and confusion in product production, leading both parties to lose time, and money in the long run.

Lectra’s supply chain program remedies this issue by improving data exchange between contractors and their suppliers. The program offers a customized action plan that minimizes product development costs, shares apparel industry universal practices, eliminates non value-added activities and cuts apparel production lead times.

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Lectra’s new supply chain program is timely with its release of another apparel industry solution. This month, Lectra also launched Modaris 3-D, a 3-D prototyping tool that streamlines product development and sub-contractor communication. French-based apparel brand Cache Cache is currently incorporating the tool to cut down production time, minimize supply chain costs and fulfill consumer demands in the current retail market.