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UPS Wants to Bring a Little More Convenience to the Checkout Page

UPS and HubBox have teamed up to create an easy-to-use and implement application that makes UPS Access Point locations in the U.S. and Europe visible in the checkout process.

This will give consumers the option to ship directly to more than 38,000 UPS Access Point locations, helping e-tailers offer shoppers greater flexibility and control over package deliveries, which can become a burden if the consumer isn’t available to receive a home delivery. HubBox’s software can be integrated with most major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and Magento.

HubBox works with retailers to incorporate the “Ship to a UPS Access Point” location service into their website, so they can offer consumers convenient alternatives to home delivery. In addition, HubBox can connect to retailers’ label printing solutions in order to streamline the label printing process. This solution helps businesses that don’t have the resources or in-house knowledge to develop these capabilities.

“This is yet another example of how UPS is delivering solutions to businesses that want to stand out in the competitive retail landscape, while at the same time creating options and improving convenience for consumers,” Bill Smith, vice president of global product innovation at UPS, said.

According to the 2019 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey, 20 percent of shoppers prefer an alternative delivery location to a home delivery. UPS noted that retailers offering alternative delivery options can benefit from reduced shipping rates, as residential surcharges do not apply to business deliveries. They can also avoid the inconvenience of failed deliveries.

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Sam Jarvis, CEO at HubBox, said, “Combining our specialized software with UPS’s unrivalled transportation and logistics network means that e-tailers of all sizes can employ an easy and convenient local pickup solution offering speed, safety and simplicity.”

UPS said it is in the process of adding 12,000 additional UPS Access Point locations across CVS Pharmacy, Michaels and Advance Auto Parts stores. Soon, more than 90 percent of U.S. consumers will find a UPS Access Point location within five miles of their home.

HubBox’s Ship to a UPS Access Point location solution will be part of the UPS Ready program, which is a suite of third-party solutions integrated with UPS technology, products and services. HubBox also recently joined UPS’s Customer Technology Program in the U.S. that allows qualified small and medium-sized businesses to quickly integrate software, hardware and marketing services from industry leaders and premiere UPS Ready providers at discounted prices. Some U.S. customers may also be eligible for contributions from UPS to help reduce up-front costs.