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Walmart to Add 500 FedEx Office Locations to its Stores in Sign of Growing Collaborative Retail Trend

The retail collaboration trend that has brought together often disparate companies is continuing, with FedEx Office expanding its relationship with Walmart.

FedEx Office, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., and Walmart Inc. have reached a deal to place 500 new FedEx Office locations within select domestic Walmart stores in the next two years. This marks an expansion of a successful pilot program already spanning 47 locations in six states.

It also follows a somewhat similar agreement between Amazon and Kohl’s to open Amazon shops in 10 of its locations. The 1,000-square-foot areas offer a full range of Amazon IoT, including Echo and Fire TV, and the company’s home services.

Earlier, Kohl’s and Amazon inked a deal for the department store to accept returns on behalf of the e-tailer in 82 of its locations in Chicago and Los Angeles. The free service includes packing and shipping, plus consumers making Amazon returns at Kohl’s can get in and out quickly thanks to dedicated parking spaces.

Then there was the announcement this fall that Lord & Taylor would have a flagship store on to establish its online presence.

Commenting on the latest move, Brian Philips, CEO of FedEx Office, said, “This strategic initiative between FedEx Office and Walmart builds on a shared goal of providing customers convenience and value, so they can save both time and money. The growth of our store network to 500 new locations brings our brand even closer to busy consumers who have told us they are seeking secure, reliable options for packing, shipping and receiving packages.”

Walmart-based FedEx Office locations are designed to give customers convenient access to packing, shipping and printing near to where they’re already shopping, working and living. There’s also the option for customers to direct their packages to be held at any Walmart-based FedEx Office location for up to five business days using FedEx Delivery Manager.

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“Our busy customers view our stores as a one-stop-shop for all the products and services they are looking for,” Daniel Eckert, senior vice president for Walmart Services and Digital Acceleration. “We know shipping and printing is one such service they want to access in our stores.”

The FedEx Office and Walmart rollout is part of the nationwide expansion of the FedEx retail channel, a network of retail locations offering FedEx services.

FedEx Office operates about 1,900 company-owned stores and locations in the U.S., providing printing and shipping expertise. The company’s also features centralized production centers, corporate print centers, hotel and convention center operations, and FedEx OnCampus print centers.

On Tuesday, FedEx reported revenues had increased 10 percent to $16.5 billion, a net income reached $2.07 billion compared to $562 million in fiscal 2018, including a benefit of an estimated $1.15 billion reduction in the company’s net U.S. deferred tax liability attributable to the lower statutory rate enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.